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Our Green Policy

The Florida Artists Gallery  is deeply rooted in a history and tradition of re-use, recycling, and conservation.  The historic Knight House, which is the home of the Florida Artists Gallery, is in fact composed of three separate wooden structures.  One was built on the site, and two others were moved more than 20 miles and connected to the original building.  Integrated by wrap-around porches, a “recycled” structure became a beautiful example of Old Florida Victorian architecture.  Its parking lots and walkways are made almost entirely from recycled bricks.

Today, the management of the Florida Artists Gallery works hard to respect and maintain this tradition of re-use and conservation.  For example, the Gallery uses recycled paper bags and reused bubble wrap.  Styrofoam peanuts are not used!


When you visit the Florida Artists Gallery don’t hesitate to make suggestions about how we can improve our Green Policy and environmental practices.    

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